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Pre-K 4

The activities in this classroom are an extension of the Pre-K 3 classroom activities, but we integrate more formal or structured periods of experiences as well, which may include learning words in another language or practicing ‘Sight Words’ such as he, she, stop, it, etc., but without high expectations of these more structured periods. 

We know that pre-schoolers learn through play and do our best to stimulate the children creatively, intellectually, physically and socially without stressing specific achievements.  There are plenty of informal hands-on learning experiences and exposures to the alphabet, sight words, numbers, music, literature, art, math and science.

We utilize the Handwriting Without Tears program and the Creative Curriculum to an even greater extent in this classroom than in the Pre-K 3 room.  The children are again offered various centers and activities for both  independent learning experiences as well as group activities.  We continue to develop our fine motor skills as well as our large motor skills in a non-competitive environment.