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Contact Information:

Phone: 610-869-3842

Mail: P.O. Box 247

West Grove, PA 19390

Email: wgdaycare@earthlink.net


Please call or email us to schedule a tour of our facility during school hours.



Karin Kryak
Executive Director
B.S. Elementary Education
Karin has been employed as the center’s director for 20 years and has continued her education by taking numerous classes in early child development, child care, health issues as well as various business courses.  She has maintained the center’s status in the STARS program and has taken the initiative to proceed with community outreach.  She is in charge of the curriculum development, staffing, grant writing and financial development of the center.             


Megan Leff

Megan has a B.S. in Early Childhood Education and has been with our center for 8 years. Megan is currently our Lead After-School Program Coordinator and Summer Camp Coordinator. Megan continually enrolls in various early learning trainings and conferences.

Regina Mickle

Regina has been employed as the center’s pre-school teacher for 8 years.  She has a B.S in Psychology and has received her Child Development Associate's certificate. She continues to take training classes in curriculum development, early childhood development, health issues and evaluation of young children.

Bobbi Sue Smith
Bobbi Sue is 1 of 2 Lead Pre-K4/Kindergarten teachers. She has been with our center for over 8 years and has taken multiple hours of training in all facets of early child development.  She has recently received her Child Development Associate's certificate.

Laura Paschall

Laura has been employed as the lead pre-school teacher for 13 years.  Laura came to us with 15 year previous experience at a licensed child care program in Delaware County.  Laura continues to take training classes in curriculum development, early child development, art, literacy and pre-math programs.  Laura helps to oversee a classroom of 12 children.
Raena Mantegna

Toddler Lead Caregiver
Raena is a new addition to our center in 2014. She was previously employed at another center, and has a Bachelor's in Social Work. Raena has taken various child development classes, and we look forward to her bringing her insight to our toddler room as well as to our center. Raena is also an student alumni of West Grove Area Daycare Center! 

Jenn Thomas

Jenn started working with our toddlers right out of high school. She now holds a Bachelor's in Social Work, but also has numerous college credits in the early childhood field. Jenn is one of our lead toddler teachers, and as a bonus she is also helps out in the infant room as needed.

Dena Arrowood
Dena has been employed with the center for 20 years and is continuously enrolling in early childhood education classes in all areas of the PA Standards.  Dena has the ability to work with any and all age groups due to the trainings she has had over the last 15 years.  On a daily basis, Dena helps to oversee 14 toddlers.
Vicki Thomas

Vicki has been employed with our center for 20 years as the Lead Infant Caregiver. She continues to take various early development training classes geared toward infant/toddler development and health/safety. Vicki was instrumental in our addition and expansion of our new infant classroom.


Ashley Rochester

Ashley has been a member of our team for over 2 years, and will be found in the infant room as Vicki's right hand woman. Ashley's day consists of reading to the babies, making sure they have enough tummy time, excercise and lots of one on one attention.


Marci Mantegna

Marci started working with our school aged children as well as our Pre-K4 classroom in the summer of 2013. Marci holds a degree in Exercise Science, but her love for children drew her to us. Marci draws from her experiences and helps to keep our kids active and healthy!Yes, Marci is Raena's sister and is also a student alumni of our center.


Kaitlyn Chase

Kaitlyn started with our center in 2011and had previously been a private nanny for an infant and toddler. After starting with us, she soon found that she had a big space in her heart for older children. Now she can be found working with toddlers in the morning and school-aged children in the afternoon.


Caitlin Cellini

Caitlin has a Bachelor's in Education and is a new addition to our center. Caitlin's resume includes being a teacher's aid in a local school district, teaching dance, volunteering in the child care program at her church, and so much more. Caitlin is currently working 2 days a week in our toddler classroom and has been a wonderful addition to our team.


Kelby Wooters

Kelby started with us in 2013 and works in both the toddler and pre-k3 classrooms. Kelby is currently taking classes at DCCC and her goal is to get a nursing degree.


Nikki Wardell

Nikki has been one of our staff members for 3 years and has the ability to work in any of our classrooms. Nikki is a full time student at Millersville University and is pursuing a Social Work degree. She has numerous credits in early childhood as well.