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Pre-K 3

Our young pre-school classroom curriculum is based on weekly themes and language arts activities.  We utilize and integrate the Creative Curriculum and the Handwriting Without Tears program into our weekly programming. 

A pre-schooler’s day will consist of group activities as well as independent activities.  The classroom is divided into developmentally appropriate, child centered activity centers ( Library, Housekeeping, Manipulatives, Art, Theatre, Sensory and Pre-Math/Science).  The teachers are used as facilitators who guide activities and explore new skills with the children.  We strive to promote good self esteem with the children by providing and supporting plenty of independent play activities.

Practicing our fine motor skills at this stage is key to developing our handwriting skills.  We offer plenty of these activities, which include sewing, using wipe-off boards and chalk boards, moving objects from one place to another with plastic tweezers and using various other manipulatives throughout the centers. 

The teachers also understand that we are preparing for kindergarten and that one of the skills needed is to follow oral directions, such as “Please go wash your hands”.  These skills are facilitated daily and continuously.  We are also practicing our cooperative play by listening to stories in groups, taking turns and sharing toys. 
Large motor activities are incorporated daily and a special gym class is offered once a week with Mr Kareem, a local professional runner.